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mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

<<<<< WARNING >>>>>>

Hi all,

Kosmik Station wants to thank everybody that listend to our show, promoting us, ....   
Due to technical reasons we need to suspend the daily events of broadcasting Dj-Sets for a medium period unspecified .
Don't worry, the station keeps broadcasting 7/7, 24/24, no stop selection by Massy Deejay, the founder of our station. From time to time Massy Deejay will play a live set himself on tuesday- and sundayevening, but we can't promiss that this will happen every week.
We are working very hard to restart with the streamings of Dj-Sets.
We, the crew of Kosmik Station, hope you all liked our previous shows and that you keep your faith in our station in the future.
From the moment we restart with broadcasting D-j-Sets we will send a message with a new event page.
We also want to thank the founder of the group "Old Skool Acid House Zone" on facebook for letting us creating the event pages in his group, this to reach more listeners.

Thanks for your understanding

The Kosmik Station Crew, Massy and Mario.  

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