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venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Special Dany Angelelli on Kosmik Station @ 21.51 - 20/05/2011

Dany Angelelli Short-Bio:

Born into a family of musicians, recording studios and musical instruments, He approaches the world of DJing at the age of 13 years, influenced by DMC videocassettes. After several years of hard work to refine his technique of mixing, can get very young in some club of the region Lazio (Clemalù - Canneto). Arriving early 90's, and with the advent of musical influences from Detroit and England participate in what may be considered the first Rave in Italy. E 'immediately fascinated by this new sound called "Techno", very different from the disco house that was given hour. The pace is quick, young Dany participates in his first rave in 1992 as a disc jockey on Chamomile Rave, thanks to the confidence of important promoter of events that give the Capitoline chance to perform. Among the many rave party and remember, Insanity, Arisottontreno, Hypnosis, Bresaola 4,5,6, Kill the Rose, Global Event and more ... Winter season Disco06 where he had the honor of supporting every Saturday Lory D, importer, creator and main representative of the techno and electronics scene Roman and Italian. In recent years, building on relationships with other major dj scene Roman, Sandro Galli, Freddy K, Say DJ and many others. Right along with Freddy K, later, in another phase of the scene Techno Roman Project will work to Virus, created by Freddy himself, first as a radio program restricted to the capital alone, then the entire region, following a real movement with techno party held at Ministry of Sound party Lariano and pitches (1-2 years of Gasoline Virus) Flash Back ... During these years he was given recognition as a DJ of the Year. Neared in 1997, Dany decided to leave the public stage as no longer in line with the proposed new sound and which does not share content. Continue The Art of DJing experience without leaving the vinyl, music stand still in use by it, and some minor parties involved in illegal party, produces tracks in underground circuits, but no commercial purpose because it agrees with the proposed commercial and mercenary who are presented to him by some label. Only in 2010 began a collaboration with the label ibicencan / Spanish Submoover Records and released his first EP. with official name, titled Alchemy of Technology Ep. In Key New Detroit, followed by a remix with the same label and the near exit, Detroit Made Us B27. He remains a follower of the current Detroit and all its derivatives, much to be done on the U.S. site administrator in Detroit, Detroit Institute of Techno, where you click on sets of high quality works by international artists or not. 

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